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Acoustics Laboratory


Kolano and Saha Engineers was founded in 1986 by Richard A. Kolano P.E., and Pranab Saha Ph.D., P.E., who together merged over 15 years of experience in the field of acoustics, noise and vibration control into one consulting firm.  Rick and Pranab formed the firm based on the philosophy that skilled analysis, along with creative and well engineered designs can virtually eliminate most noise and vibration problems.

Over the past twenty years, the firm has steadily added staff including engineers, board certified noise control engineers and licensed professional engineers to become a leading private-practice professional engineering and consulting firm specializing in acoustics, noise and vibration. Today K&SE has over 100 years of combined engineering experience. In 1999 the firm moved to its current facility in Waterford, MI incorporating both the engineering offices and the K&S Acoustics Laboratory into one building.