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Material Performance Evaluation

Through the use of its ISO / IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory, K&SE can determine the acoustical properties of various materials suitable for noise control applications. Once the acoustic behavior of the material is known, K&SE can help to optimize the material’s performance for a particular application or requirement. Based on the need materials are tested according to standardized test methods, OEM specifications, or customized methods. Such studies can involve the measurement of:

  • Sound Transmission Loss
  • Sound Absorption Coefficients
  • Vibration Damping Performance
  • Vibration Isolation Performance

To help insure quality testing we follow standardized test methods such as:

  • ASTM C423 – Random Incidence Sound Absorption (Full-size Reverberation Room)
  • SAE Standard (Pending)- Small Sample Random Incidence Sound Absorption
  • ASTM E1050 – Normal Incidence Sound Absorption
  • SAE J1400 – Small Sample Sound Transmission Loss
  • SAE J1637 – Vibration Damping
  • ASTM E756 - Vibration Damping
  • ISO 3471/ANSI S12.51 – Sound Power Level
  • ASTM E2249 – Sound Intensity Based Transmission Loss
  • ASTM C522 – Airflow Resistance of Acoustical Materials