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Pranab Saha Photo

Pranab Saha, Ph.D., PE, INCE Board Certified

Dr. Pranab Saha, P.E., principal consultant, entrepreneur, and co-founder of K&S Engineers, LLC with over 40 years of experience in acoustics, noise and vibration. He is recognized worldwide as an authority on automotive noise, body interior systems, and sound package materials. In his role, he leads programs dealing with automotive, commercial vehicles, other transportation systems, appliances, and product noise. Throughout his career, Dr. Saha has directed and participated in numerous advanced noise control engineering programs and training programs including seminars, short courses, and webinars for various OEM companies and suppliers worldwide. Dr. Saha is a licensed professional engineer and is Board Certified in Noise Control Engineering by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering-USA. He is also a Fellow Member of the SAE International and the Engineering Society of Detroit as well as the Master Instructor of the SAE International. He is the author of many technical papers as well as the book Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise

See the book written by Pranab Saha - Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise