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K&S Engineers, LLC provides complete acoustical engineering consulting services for NVH test facilities. We work with architectural & engineering firms to provide the complete building design of a test facility. We also have a team of carefully vetted contractors that we can draw upon for remedial corrections of problem facilities.

K&S Engineers, LLC can provide qualification testing of completed test facilities including tests for compliance with manufacturers’ specifications as well as conformance with industry standards, such as ANSI S12.35 and ISO 3745.


  • Acoustic Facility Design Criteria
  • Acoustic Test Facility Conceptual Development
  • Anechoic & Hemi-Anechoic Chamber Design
  • Building Shell Isolation
  • HVAC System Noise Control Design
  • Laboratory Accreditation Consulting
  • Laboratory Performance Problem Diagnosis
  • Listening Room Acoustics
  • Mechanical Equipment Noise & Vibration Control
  • Reverberation Room Design
  • Standards Testing Protocols Consulting
  • Test Cell Sound and Vibration Isolation
  • Test Chamber Qualification & Certification Testing


  • Chassis Dynamometer Cells
  • Component Test Cells
  • Engine & Transmission Dynamometer Cells
  • Experience with OEM and Supplier Test Facilities
  • Jury Listening Room Acoustic Design
  • Proposed Laboratory Site Noise & Vibration Assessment
  • Sound Transmission Loss Test Suites
  • Squeak and Rattle Test Cells
  • Vehicle Pass-by Test Cells