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K&SE provides complete architectural acoustic design and consulting services for a diverse client base. These services can vary in complexity ranging from concept development, building design and specification to problem diagnosis, solution identification development and recommendations.

These acoustic design and consulting services include:

  • Acoustic Modeling and Analysis
  • Sound System Design & Specification
  • Auditorium/Performing Arts Design
  • Worship Space Acoustics
  • Music Rooms and Sound Studios
  • Restaurant/Dining Room Acoustics/Noise Control
  • Room Acoustics Corrections
  • Condominium & Studio Sound Isolation
  • Field Measurement of Wall, Floor/Ceiling Isolation Performance (STC/IIC ratings)
  • Office/Conference Room Acoustics, Sound Isolation and Speech Privacy
  • HVAC and Mechanical Equipment Noise and Vibration
  • Building and Floor Vibration
  • Speech Privacy & Sound Masking System Design and Specification
  • Acoustic Test Facility Design and Qualification
  • Problem Diagnosis and Remediation Consulting