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K&S Engineers, LLC provides automotive consulting services for the OEMs and their suppliers in the field of vehicle interior acoustics and sound package materials. We routinely use proven software analysis techniques to determine porosity, tortuosity, viscous and thermal lengths, and other Biot parameters for porous material characterization. These and other properties are used to predict sound absorption and sound transmission loss performance of sound package materials.  

With these tools, we can help:

  • Develop sound package parts with acceptable acoustic performance 
  • Design and release engineers by providing strategies and solutions for designing and optimizing parts
  • Material manufactures improve the performance of various products and bring new products into the market

K&S Engineers regularly offers seminars and training on various applications of noise and vibration topics for OEMs and suppliers. These are offered on-site nationally and internationally. 

The Seminars and training are designed to discuss various topics depending on the need and application. Some of these are:

  • Awareness of noise and vibration issues
  • The fundamentals of noise and vibration
  • Various parameters of human hearing
  • Instrumentation, including the proper use of instruments to identify noise and vibration problems
  • Identifying solutions to solve noise and vibration problems
  • Different types of sound package materials
  • How to improve the performance of sound package materials
  • Determining the performance of sound package materials
  • How to trouble-shoot problems
  • How to design and develop an excellent product

See the book written by Pranab Saha - Acoustical Materials: Solving the Challenge of Vehicle Noise