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K&S Engineers, LLC provides acoustical engineering consulting services for issues related to mechanical and electrical equipment noise and vibration. Mechanical and electrical equipment noise can create noise impact to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Noise and vibration from equipment can impact residents, office spaces, churches, hospitals; essentially anywhere people live and work.

Correctly diagnosing noise and vibration issues is critical to developing strategies to mitigate mechanical and electrical noise issues. K&S Engineers, LLC uses calibrated, precision instrumentation to provide accurate testing, diagnosis and practical solutions to control noise and vibration issues.


  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • HVAC System Noise Evaluation
  • Modeling/Predictions of Proposed New Equipment
  • Noise & Vibration Problem Diagnosis
  • Noise and Vibration Measurement & Evaluation
  • Noise Control Design
  • Vibration Isolation Design


  • Air Compressors
  • Air Handing Units (AHUs)
  • Air Mixing Boxes
  • Air-cooled Chillers & Refrigeration Equipment
  • Co-generation Plants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Emergency Power Generators
  • Exhaust Fans & Blowers
  • Fancoil Units & Variable Air Volume Boxes
  • Induced Draft Fans
  • Pump Noise & Vibration
  • Rooftop AHUs & Equipment
  • Transformers